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Ordering and receiving live snakes can be a traumatic experience for the snake and for you.
Make sure you have a proper cage and know the general care of milk snakes BEFORE buying a snake. You can find a "Quick Care Sheet" here at

We will not sell a snake that we would not want in our personal collection. There are pictures of the actual snakes for sale on our website.

You can send payment through paypal or by check. Checks will be held until they clear, usually 5-7 days.

We will hold snakes with a 10% nonrefundable deposit. We want to help you get the best possible snakes but because there is only a limited supply of milksnakes, buying is on a first come first serve basis.


Before you pay for your order you must have contacted us with any questions and arranged a shipping day.

Shipping is a flat $35 dollars (in the US). Shipping is done via overnight morning delivery. You will need to schedule a day with us for shipping. Which day do you want us to ship on? Remember: It will be delivered the next day.

Call us to arrange a day to ship. Shipping is done overnight morning delivery. You must be there to accept the package. You will receive a tracking number with your receipt by email, so you can track your animal during shipping. Although VERY rare, death during shipping is not covered by our guarantee. We have no control over if you are not at the door for delivery or if the package gets delayed during transit. Snakes are shipped in an insulated box with an ice pack if needed.

We only sell quality snakes!


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